Cloudy day today so the photos are a bit on the dull side.

So here I am, the outback behind me and travelling west on the Eyre Highway. Rocky ridges, red sand and treeless spaces have been replaced by neat and tidy cropping paddocks. The cereal grain harvesting has recently commenced.

I decided to make a one stop run to Ceduna where my Gulf to Southern Ocean leg will be completed. I have very little interest in this aspect (cereal cropping) of the Australian landscape. The Gawler Ranges to the north of here can wait for next time.

It is time for summer beaches where crocodiles and stingers belong somewhere else and on a hot day, if you like, you can go for a swim. I have set as minor goal to catch and eat a King George Whiting. I have read that the pristine bays and beaches of the Eyre Peninsula have excellent fishing. Another item on the agenda later on is to consume a plate of Coffin Bay oysters (dam the expense).