Temple Bar

Temple Bar Caravan Park


After 9 days I ended my ‘time-out’ in Alice Springs and moved to a new camp. This camp is only a few kilometres from the last but is well out of town and surrounded by the typical dry rocky ridges of the Flinders Ranges around Alice Springs.

With the 38 degree days lately I began to hear the call of the Southern Ocean and had planned to head in that direction forthwith. A forecast cooler period for Alice Springs however took the urgency from the southern push and a few extra days exploring the West McDonalds is now planned.

The last few days, Alice has seen thunderstorms rolling through the region. I feel fortunate to have witnessed these outback storms but regret that I didn’t take the opportunity to get some good photos around the theme ‘storms in the desert’. I have been watching the weather forecasts closely lately for onset I of the long predicted La Nina weather event. These widespread storms could be the beginning of this event.