Noahs Beach

National Parks camp site

Camp Location: Noahs Beach Camping Area

My intended destination today was Cape Tribulation but there was ‘no room at the inn’. So it was a night parked outside Noahs Beach Camping Area (bookings required). On closer inspection most of the sites were actually closed due to covid-19.

I am guessing that this was where me and Kathy camped in 1985, although the memory picture in my head is very different to what I saw. My memory is of driving through the rainforest and the camping area was just part of the rainforest drive. I think it was a dirt road back them and everything was more intimate. Now there is the busy sealed road which is separate from everything else, if you leave the sealed road you had better have a good reason.

On the way from Daintree Village I stopped off at Cape Kimberley and got the photo below which I really like. I am sure I have seen a painting like this somewhere.