Neil Hargrave Lookout

Ellery Creek Big Hole Camp

I originally intended to stay at Ellery Creek Big Hole (see photos) but I noticed there was Internet available at the lookout camp just up the road where I can download some Gaia topographic maps of this area.

The visit to Ellery Creek answered a lot of questions about the logistics of tackling the Larapinta Trail. The information boards provided bring all the pieces together about the various options in tackling the trail. From Ellery Creek  camp you access both Section 6 and Section 7 of the trail.

The weather in the MacDonnell Ranges has changed for the better in recent days with maximums from the high twenties to low thirties. This makes for good walking weather and so the time might be right to do some.

Sitting on top of this ridge at night I was wearing full winter clothing. I can imagine how bleak it could get on a cool, windy July evening.