Leichhardt Lagoon Camping Park

Norman River

This place was highly recommended by Aussie Jenny down at Gilbert River. It was a nice enough laid back camp. There were many bird species in the lagoon, I guestimated there were 25 to 30 species there during daytime. I had the opportunity to observe the Magpie Goose more closely here, I have only really seen flocks of them from a distance.

I was lucky enough to see my first wild crocodile on the banks of the Norman River which passes close to the lagoon. It was only a young individual about 1 to 2 metres but a wild crocodile all the same.

On the Saturday morning son Jayme rang to tell me ex brother in law Terry Standen had died of Covid-19. I must be well and truly out of the loop because i didn’t know he was ill. Next day it was headline news, he was the first person to die from covid-19 in NSW for 50 days. The odds of this happening given the circumstances at the time are staggering.  Rest in Peace Terry.