Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles)

Karlu Karlu Camp

I was thinking on the way here that this place really needs to get its traditional name back, ‘Devils Marbles’, ….really? This is a sacred Aboriginal site. On entering the park I was heartened to learn that it has got it’s real name back ‘Karlu Karlu’. The white tourists won’t get their heads around this though very quickly, to them it will remain the Devils Marbles because ‘that’s it’s real name’ and the rocks look like big marbles.

While I don’t have any Internet for a couple of days I might take the opportunity to tweak the blog design so as I do not have replace the whole remote site with the updated local copy every time I have good Internet. I might be able to achieve this by making the latest post the home page and then I will only need to upload the new post rather than the whole site.