Home Hill

Mural at Home Hill Comfort Stop

Camp Location: Home Hill Comfort Stop

Home Hill is situated in close proximity to the magnificent Burdekin River, one of my favourite rivers in Australia. It is Australia’s largest river by (peak) discharge volume. Apart from the Murray River , the Burdekin River is economically the most important river in Australia and has the fourth-largest watershed of any exorheic drainage system in Australia. It is also the fourth-largest river in Australia by volume of flow, but is so erratic that its discharge can reach the mean discharge of the Yangtze River (after two severe cyclones in 1958) or have as many as seven months with no flow whatsoever (as in 1923). 

It is interesting that the mind-set in many of the anti-RV towns along the NSW coast is that free campers are free-loaders, drifters, not the type people welcomed in their communities. The truth is, these undesirables come from the same demographic as the communities trying to keep them out. They are mostly the retired caravanners and RV’ers who are bored of the stale old routine of the respectable communities from which they came and are now labelling undesirables.