View from beach across to Upstart Peninsula

Camp Location: Funny Dunny Park

Funny Dunny Park is a quiet little park on the beach near the settlement of Wunjunga south of Home Hill. I stopped here in December 2019 and remembered it as a nice enough place for a couple quiet days at the beach. I back-tracked to this camp to fill time while I awaited my new portable generator.

It was at Wunjunga I first started to re-think about affordable beachside real estate the purchase of which might be a possibility (and a need) one day in the future. 

On the way from Home Hill I detoured up to Mt Inkerman Lookout and discovered that the bus will not climb any hill in 2nd gear and that double clutching would be a useful skill to acquire.

From the beach at Funny Dunny there is a good view to the impressive Cape Upstart Peninsula.

It was about this time that my annoyance at the noisy inverter led to the discovery that the old inverter was really ok. The new noisy one  is now the spare inverter. Life is so much better with a silent invertter.