Bus at Water Tower Lookout

Camp Location:Oasis Van Park

Back in civilisation after a week in the bush on the Bourke Development Road between Karumba and Cloncurry. I have mostly decided that I will be turning left when I get to the Stuart Highway intersection in the NT. Winter is really on the run up here and I’m not good with 24+ degree nights.

I went for a drive out to the Chinaman creek¬† Dam and peiced together some memories from when I was here in 2007. I was on my way to anywhere after my son Daniel turned 18 and I dropped into my brother Stephen’s place who worked here driving dump trucks. We came out here for a BBQ with girlfriend Denita and daughter Rose. It was the year I first drove around Australia.

There is not much to say about Cloncurry town, it is a place you come to if you work in the mines. The surrounding desert landscape however is very appealing to me, it has a very ‘outback’ feel about it.

I am going to start incorporating You Tube videos into posts starting with this one. Pity I didn’t do it from the start, it’s not exactly rocket science.