Cape Tribulation

View south from Cape Tribulation

Camp Location: Cape Tribulation Camping Area

I returned to Cape Tribulation and successfully booked in on the second attempt. One of my goals while on here is to hike to the summit of Mount Sorrow.

I did hike to the summit but it tested all my fitness to achieve it. By the time I returned I was spent. The hike was a good test of where I am currently at fitness wise. I suppose the fact that I completed the hike without any recent climbing training indicates that my fitness level is better than I imagined.

There are lots of young people in the area, free camping I think. They are the 2020 hippies and it is definitely very cool to be at and be seen at Cape Tribulation. Old people (over 35) are very uncool and any interaction is actively avoided. On two occasions I politely smiled and said hello to young women as they passed, their whole demeanour changed immediately from ‘See how pretty and cool I am’ to ‘Piss off dirty old pervert’. It must be difficult growing up in this crazy 21st century.

In some ways it reminded me of Byron Bay in the 80s.