Alva Beach

Alva Beach

Camp Location: Alva Beach Tourist Park

Alva is the main beach destination for the town of Ayr, between Bowen and Townsville. Ayr itself is a well-serviced little sugar town with an air (excuse pun) of prosperity. I also noticed lots of pretty young women about, some towns are odd like that.

The main feature of Alva Beach is the extensive lagoon system behind a series of low sand foredunes making it very popular for boat fishing. It is also a haven for 4WD enthusiast, no environment around these parts to ruin the fun, 4WD IS KING. For mine, I have no interest in a place like this as I do not like vehicles on the beach, vehicles belong on the road and people, children, birds and animals belong on the beach.

Alva is also the base for the Yongala dive, a world renown  scuba diving wreck. The Passenger ship Yongala sunk off the coast here in 1911 after encountering what is believed to be a Category 5 cyclone.

As part of my battery storage revamp, I ordered a small portable generator as a backup battery charging system for extended cloudy/rainy periods. I booked into the caravan park here to await the arrival of the generator.