Alice Springs

Transport Heritage Museum and Camp

Alice Springs was a major destination on my tour, I suspect it is an important destination on anyone’s tour. If there is one thing you can say about ‘The Alice’, it is very central.

It was refreshing to drive into this iconic town and be welcomed by a real Australian flag waving proudly in the desert breeze. It is the official NT flag and it shows how a well designed flag can properly represent a people, state or country.

I was going to spend another night out on the road to save a couple of dollars but I was over the road noise so headed into Alice. Found the Transport Museum camp and although ordinary, it is only $15/night and is just out of town. This should be a good spot for my stay in Alice.

Having reached a sort of mid-point in my current travels I thought it timely to create a tentative plan for the rest of 2020.

  • Stay in Alice for a week or two, do some walks, explore the area, do some bus house work.
  • Head south in no particular hurry¬† toward the Flinders Ranges and have a look.
  • Head down to the west SA coast. Explore this coast heading east and if someone nice is found, stay for a couple of weeks.
  • Do Kangaroo Island and the Coorong.
  • Do the Murray back up to the Riverland.

In the new year I plan to start using my age pension work bonus, don’t know where or how but I will be choosy in what I take on.