Site Development Partnerships


Development Partners Wanted


I create themed web sites/blogs and offer them to interested persons as ‘Development Partnerships’.

What’s the deal?

Development partners are required to provide relevant and high quality content designed to create and maintain site traffic. I provide at no cost, the web site, domain name, content management, site development, search engine optimisation, mentoring and hosting services.

Partners have the option to inject their own funds to generate personal income streams from the site. Any revenue generation initiatives must be consistent with the ethical guidelines outlined on the this web site. I will implement search engine optimisation and online marketing strategies, consult on online marketing options and provide software development services at no cost to facilitate the business model proposed.

After a qualifying period 80% ownership of the web site will be transferred to the development partner. There would be the possibility of the second party buying the domain at some point but this will not be written into the contract. The partnership will continue on a annual contract basis.

Potential partners must have a genuine interest in the blog/business area and be able to demonstrate an capability of becoming a successful partner. A formal ‘Site Development Partnerships’ contract will be negotiated on a case by case basis according to the situation and needs of the interested party. The contract would allow for a four month trial period in which either party can terminate the contract for any reason and without financial obligation.

All design elements of all demos are optional. If you are interested in a particular theme and do not like the existing design or layout, no problem, I can redesign it to your specifications. Only the domain name and the ethical business framework is non-negotiable.


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