Michael Reid

I was expressing an idea one day when a listener attempted to discredit the idea by telling me that I just had a good imagination, implying that the idea had no merit. My response was to thank them for the compliment and was encouraged to continue creating and expressing my ideas whenever and wherever I had the inclination to do so. My web design projects are a digital expression of ideas that interest me.

Web Master
Web Designer & Developer

Bachelor Information Technology (E-commerce)
Diploma Applied Science (Agriculture)

Hi and welcome. My name is Michael Reid. I am a freelance web designer/developer loosely based on the far north coast of NSW Australia.

I create themed web sites/blogs and offer them as ‘Web Development Partnerships’.

I also develop client web sites under a ‘Hosting Contract’ arrangement where web site development is charged on cost only basis and clients are required to enter into a 12 or 24 month site hosting contract. Client web site themes must meet my personal, ethical and environmental standards.

Design Philosophy

The best designers know that elegance in design, using just the right design elements and nothing more, can effectively engage the viewer and convey a powerful message. ¬†Design elegance means using less to achieve an effect that is more than the sum of the design’s parts. High quality web designs are timeless, simple and elegant.



In 2005 I completed a Bachelor degree in Information Technology majoring in E-commerce. On completion of my studies , an interest in web design and a strong desire for independence led to my decision to pursue a career as a freelance web designer.

My love for design and formal training in web programming has given me the versatility to competently create both high quality front end web designs and secure back end web functionality.

With over 15 years web design experience I have gained many insights into what an online business/blog needs to succeed. These insights translate into web designs that are visually stunning and communicate to the viewer the key messages of the client’s web site.


Demo Site Portfolio

My ‘Demo Site’ portfolio represents a collection of business/blog themes that interest me. Most themes are of a sustainable, environmental or social justice nature and I offer them to interested persons under the ‘use now pay later’ business partnership/lease arrangement.

All design elements of all demos are optional. If you are interested in a particular theme and do not like the existing design or layout, no problem, I can redesign it to your specifications. Only the domain name and the ethical business framework is non-negotiable.