Eco Fabric Fashion

Eco Fabric Fashion

Theme Notes:

You can have an immense impact on lightening your environmental footprint by the textile choices you make. Why?
The textile industry is a gigantic industry – and it is gigantically polluting. The textile industry uses copious amounts of two things: water and chemicals. It is the number one industrial polluter of water in the world.
The site is designed to promote and sell eco-friendly clothing and fashion products.

This site would suit someone with love of textiles, a commitment to environmental sustainability and a sense of social justice and fair trade.

Template Notes:

Anissa is a beautiful WordPress blogging theme, designed in a feminine style with elegant Typography and post styling. It features a custom image header with text and custom logo upload. A featured post carousel ( choose the category and number of posts ). The theme has been designed to look perfect on all size screens, from mobiles to widescreen displays. It is fully compatible and styled for WooCommerce so you can use it to create your own online shop. It has a custom about me widget where you can add a photo and your social media links, also has a social media menu in the header and light-weight social sharing buttons built-in to each post.


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WordPress 4.8


WordPress template Anissa By AlienWP


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Published – Under Construction


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