Tin Shed Music

Tin Shed Music

Theme Notes:

“Every career is hard to succeed in and music is no different. If people knew how hard it is to break into the music industry they would probably take artists more seriously. The truth about the ‘struggle of the indie/unsigned artist’, is one that is kept secret outside the industry. The media paints a picture of an all accepting world that only requires talent and passion to make it.If only that were true.”

“The internet has changed the tapestry of music in a lot of ways. Most importantly it has changed how we distribute music. It used to be that you have to get your music on radio or tv to be heard. Live shows were also a good way of gaining fans, but now we have a new method in the form of the world wide web. Basically music is available to anyone with some sort of internet connection. You don’t even need a pc, or a cell phone to get an entire album.”

Prestashop CMS Notes:

Around the world, more than 270,000 ecommerce stores run on PrestaShop technology. Our mission is to develop world-class ecommerce software through open source innovation. Together with our community, we provide software that enables everyone to have a successful ecommerce business.

PrestaShop is on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in Europe. The company also received the 2016 CMS Critic Award for Best eCommerce Software.


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